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New cruising/ sailing comic series: Cat VS Mono! Just because I have more time on my hands being in semi-isolation on the boat and also because the world is pretty effed up and we might all need a little humour & friendly competition to get us through these weird times. If you also have some spare time to daydream a reason why your Catamaran or Monohull is better to cruise on - add your thoughts to the comments and it will be turned into a toon over the coming weeks. ⛵️⚓️ To all those who are in limbo while checking out of one country, then refused entry into the next, only to be refused entry back into the one you just checked out of 😩... this series is dedicated to you!

Valentine’s Day sailing comic - the other woman by Sarah Steenland

Happy Valentine’s Day! This comic was inspired by my brothers, (the twins) who race together on a very fast racing boat called Depth Charge Ethel. It has a very cool graphic of a sexy 1950’s pin up girl on the bow, capturing the essence in all her well-endowed glory of ‘the other woman’ in boating men’s lives... or ‘the only woman’.

Comic by Sarah Steenland - Cruising Cartoonist

Like my sailing comics? Feel free to share them on your website! All I ask for in exchange is my website link added under my toon on your site.

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