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Ships Log

Sailing books are notorious for hitching rides on many boats in their lifetime. If you are reading this, it’s either a brand spanker copy (many thanks for parting with some of your cruising kitty) or a copy that has potentially sailed the world, jumping ship along the way and into your salty hands.


I invite you to log the location of this copy into the ‘Ship’s Log’ – a fun way to document this comic book journey.

Log your copy of Luff Out Loud 
How did you get this copy?
Log your location right now - where you are ( co-ordinates ideal! ) anchorage conditions etc. 

LASTLY! Optional, but way cool if you do - take a selfie with your LOL comic in whatever part of the world you are. 

Thanks! You're 'Ships Log' of your Luff Out Loud copy will be live soon on the map below.

Luff Out Loud Around the World

Click on a pin location on map to view 'Ship's Log' details and photos. 


If you're viewing on a mobile phone - pinch to zoom in on the outside of the map to read serial numbers. (Especially if you have cataracts).

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