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Sorry to yell, but I'm as happy as seagull with a French fry (or hot chip if you're a fellow Aussie) as I've finally published my first sailing comic book after a decade - capturing the hilariously funny and ridiculously absurd situations that sailors tend to find themselves in. ⛵️

If the saying is true and "a bad day sailing is 100 times better than a good day at work", then reading a comic book about the highs and lows of sailing life while you’re on a boat must be 10,000 times better than anything, ever.

You can order your copy filled with all the best and most liked cruising comics over the past years via Amazon in time for Christmas:

Fair winds and have a safe n' cruisy Christmas,

Sarah Steenland - Cruising Cartoonist

Don’t you hate it when your artwork goes totally viral, and as it goes on an elaborate global tour – flying around the world all dressed up in diamantés and sipping Dom Perignon – exactly ZERO people know that you made it because some a$$hol@ took your credit off the image before blowing it up?


Anyway, I thought I would relaunch my blog with a revival of said viral comic, properly attributed, in the sad hope that you all might share it and I can get rightly famous and people everywhere will be like “Oh, you mean Sarah, that woman who created that amazing comic?” And then Patagonia will hire me to illustrate for all their communications and I can buy a new yacht (because my ex got The Sea Monkey) and have a captain named Lars who wears really short shorts and … how is he so oiled all the time? And God, his hair, how does it always look so organically wind-swept and full and shiny?

You know what I mean?

And now for some less tragic news.

I am, on this here blog, going to be collaborating with Torre DeRoche – author of Love with a Chance of Drowning and The Worrier’s Guide to the End of the World to produce comics to tickle your giggle zone. With Torre on wordsmithery, and me on toons, we hope to bring you some fun, silly cruising-related goodness.

Fair Winds & Plastic Free Seas,

Sarah Steenland

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