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The Secret Life of Cruising Women
Cruising women - keeping it together since 1927
Hidden Boat Warning Label
Those sneaky waning tables hidden below the waterline.
Cruising Kids Christmas
Ever wondered how Santa delivered gifts to cruising kids?
Christmas Spirit is Relative
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When Guests Stay on Your Boat
That awkward moment when your guest does their business and doesn't know how to flush the head.
Boat Engine Drama
Comic: Sailing boat engine drama never ends...
When Vinegar Can't Cut It
The Coconut Telegraph Sailing Comic - Mouldy Boat
Sailing Mother's Day
Coconut Telegraph - Sailing Mother's day
Pets Ahoy!
What happens when a dog boat parks next to a cat boat?
Cruising Long Time
The delights of the simple things on land when returning from a long cruising stint!
V Berth Bedding Battle
The sailor's epic struggle to fit a rectangle fitted sheet to a V shaped mattress
Bragging Rights
The Coconut Telegraph Sailing Comic
Sailing Price Tag
The Coconut Telegraph Sailing Comic - 5
Paradise Lost
The Coconut Telegraph Sailing Comic - 4
Racing Dies Hard
The Coconut Telegraph sailing Comic - 3
Naysayer Comeback
The Coconut Telegraph Sailing Comic - Naysayer Comback
The Stress Free Cruising Life
The Coconut Telegraph Comic One
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