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The Coconut Incident - Scroll Comic

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Besides having loads of Coconut Telegraph comic ideas that a lot of cruisers and live-a-boards can relate to - I also have tons of my own personal stories in a long form comic format I call 'Scroll Comics'. Confessions of a Cruising Cartoonist comic series will be a less frequent addition to my two panel cruising comics. Less frequent due to the gargantuan amount of time they take me to create, organise and upload them to the web. I hope you enjoy this latest scroll comic which you can view and scroll through here.

Have a sailing or cruising blog? Feel free to post my comics. All I ask in return is a credit by linking back to my website. Plus, I’d also love to check out and share your blog, so send me an email too... and who knows, our cruising paths may cross one day!

Sarah Steenland - The Cruising Cartoonist.



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