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Sailing Quote - 'Empty to Feel Full'

Ahoy there salty sea scallops! The SY Sea Monkey gathers mementos as we sail about. Some are friends, some are tools and spare parts, others are not so obvious. These are our treasures of inspiration I collect from books and magazines written by other cruisers who have lived or are still living the sailors life. I have stuck my sticky little notes on the pages of books and sailing mags, where something has struck a chord. Today, I have picked up my ''round-tuit'' and I’m going to share them here, so that you too, can feel lifted, inspired or just have a damned good laugh!

This quote was from a page I tore out of a Cruising Helmsman Magazine - I can't remember the name of the article because I tore out the second page and gave the mag back to my Father-in-law, it was about doing a passage written by Heather Francis and I enjoyed it a lot.

By Sarah Steenland


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